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Why be saved?

What are Christians talking about?

Why should I be saved?Saved from what?

Christians often speak about “being saved": what is this?  Do you want to be saved?  Why should you be saved?  Saved from what?  Here are some answers:-

The problem

The problem, Holy God and sinful manThis is God’s world.  He created it and everything in it, including us.  This means we are accountable to God.  God expects us to obey His laws.   If we did, then we would live in peace with God and in harmony with others and the environment. But we rebel against God: the Bible calls this SIN.

What's a sin? ...

Sin creates two problems for us.  Firstly, any sin separates us from God.  We cannot communicate with Him any more.  Secondly, any sin makes us subject to God’s coming judgement.  God is love, but God is also a just God and a holy God.  He will punish sinners justly for their crimes.

The solution

The good news from the Bible is that God has provided one solution ...there is only one God and one Mediator who can reconcile God and humanity - the Man Christ Jesus.  1Timothy 2:5 for SIN, His own Son Jesus Christ who has paid the penalty for the sins of God’s people.  This was the reason that Jesus came... He will save His people from their sins.  Matthew 1:21 to earth as a man.

Christians have been saved from their sins by Jesus Christ and are enthusiastic to tell others that they too can be saved.  You don’t have to remain cut-off from God in this life, plus you can have a wonderful future with God in heaven.  Jesus will also help you every day as you face each challenge against sin.  You can live with power over sin on earth.

This is what being saved is all about.  It is:-

How can I be saved?

How can I be saved?  Visit us at Monash Christian Fellowship, or another good local church.  At least come to a free Christianity Explained course and find out what Christians believe.
The worst decision - reject God's salvation


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Produced by Monash Christian Fellowship, Melbourne, Australia. Author Pastor Bill Wheaton 2010. This document may be freely reproduced and used for non-profit evangelism provided that it is unchanged and carries this credit. Scriptures are quoted from the New Living Translation of the Bible.