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Enhanced Christianity Explained Course

Christianity Explained
or the Alpha Course?
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  • What is God like?Christianity Explained logo
  • What is Jesus like?
  • Why do most people want to live in a Christian country?
  • Why does God allow suffering?
  • Is it possible to know that God loves me?
  • What will happen when I die?


If you would like answers to these questions and many others, then the Enhanced Christianity Explained course is for you!

  • It's free!
  • You will not be asked to read or pray aloud.
  • You will not be pressured to join a "church".
  • You will not be embarrassed by knowing little about the Bible.
  • You can of course, ask all your questions.

Enhanced Christianity Explained

Learn first cartoonThe original Christianity Explained course is a great 6 week study course, mainly concerning what Christians believe about Jesus.  It has been used internationally for some years and with great sucess.  After completeing the course, people are empowered with the facts to decide for themselves if they want to become Christians or not.  At Monash Christian Fellowship, we have found that overseas students from non-Christian countries, with zero knowledge of the Bible greatly benefit from an 2 extra lessons prior to starting this course.  So the enhanced course now covers 8 weeks with the following topics:-

  • God.  (Basic things about God)
  • The beginning.  (God originally created all things to be perfect; but after our first parents sinned, everythng was damaged - the world we live in today.  This is why we need Jesus.)
  • Jesus the Son of God.  (Jesus is God in human form.)
  • Jesus died on a cross.  (This was to pay for sin.)
  • Jesus rose from the dead.  (This is a historical fact proving Christianity.)
  • Grace and Works.  (Most people confuse these two different things.)
  • Repentance.  (What it means to repent.)
  • Belief.  (What it means to believe.)
Want to learn by yourself?
Click on this link for a
Beginners Bible Reading Plan
with a downloadable PDF help.

So what do I need to do?

Contact Monash Christian Fellowship today to enroll for the next course.  It's 1 hour a week for 8 weeks and it's free. We also offer you a free Bible or New Testament and ask you to do some reading at home for yourself.   After that, there is no ongoing commitment.  We can usually arrange a time that is suitable for you.  You are also encouraged to ask any questions that you may have.

Remember this course is free and there is no ongoing obligation.  Why not find out about Christianity today?  Does the Christian religion suit you?  You can only make a sensible decision  AFTER you know the facts.  Contact us today at:-

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Phone 03 9548 9447
or visit us at Monash Christian Fellowship


Please join us for

Christianity Explained.

each Wednesday @ 7:30pm

but not the 3rd Wed of the month


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

It's free.  It's fun.  It's learning.sface
It helps build English skills.

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Produced by Monash Christian Fellowship, Melbourne, Australia, September 2009.  Christianity Explained was developed by an Australian in Scripture Union, Queensland.  This course is used by many churches here and overseas.  The two prelimimary lessons were developed at Monash Christian Fellowship by Pastor Bill Wheaton.  Monash Christian Fellowship has used the enhanced course over many years with enhusiastic reports from all participants.