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I became a Christian against my will!

Before and now

againDi7 I'm Dianne,
this is my

Forty years ago I could not stand Christians who carried Bibles and quoted the Scriptures. Now I am one.  In the 1970's I scorned the stories of Genesis.  I taught Biology with an emphasis in Darwinian evolution. Now I disprove it.  Any time I heard Protestant Christian talk I could only think of how OUTRAGEOUS they were: saying we were all sinners and needed to be covered by the blood of Jesus - I absolutely could not believe that they would believe such ridiculous notions.

aginwillhead This testimony shows God's love and mercy as well as His rulership over all.  Dianne's testimony of becoming a Christian against her will is unusual, but the Bible records that Paul had a similar experience.  Paul, (originally called Saul, and later Paul the Apostle) was busy persecuting followers of Jesus Christ. The last thing Paul wanted to do was to join them: but Jesus confronted Paul on the road to Damascus3 And as he (Saul/Paul) journeyed he came near Damascus, and suddenly a light shone arou him from heaven.
4 Then he fell to the ground, and heard a voice saying to him,"Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?"
5 And he said, "Who are You, Lord?" And the Lord said, "I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. ...
.                             Acts 9:3-5
and rescued his life.

When my daughter was four years old, I thought it would be a very good thing to take her to Sunday School. That way she would never grow up to become a JESUS FREAK! I thought that if she grew up in a church, she would be so accustomed to the stories that she would never come under a spell by some guy preaching Jesus. This was my pagan mind.

I had grown up in the Roman Catholic Church and, at age 21, had decided that they were full of hot air; that I would NOT burn forever in Hell if I missed Mass on Sunday.  Later on I came too see how I was already in a type of hell - I was separated from God.

Chariots of the gods

We moved to another town in another state and our son was now approaching 4 years old. My husband had grown up in Christian Science, so why not take the kids there on Sundays?  We went with them.  That lasted only a few months; I found them to be more outrageous than the Protestants.

In these early years of our marriage, my husband and I enjoyed watching Johnnie Carson at night before going to sleep.  One night a guest named Erich Von Daniken was on. He had written an unusual book, "Chariots of the Gods." My best friend also raved about him, and was quite enthusiastic about his teachings. I bought the book and read it.  Along with that was a program on "In Search for Ancient Astronauts" that espoused similar things.  We are not alone; and we have been visited by beings from other places.  And some of these visits were written down in the Bible.  People thought they were from God.  Von Daniken postulated that Ezekiel's wheel described in the Bible was actually a space ship from another planet somewhere.  This interested me very much for I had been wondering about the source of the ancient Scriptures.

A sweet Lutheran neighbor lady was very friendly to me and, of course, extended invitations to attend her church.  She also invited me to a special Bible study.   I was burning with curiosity to scour the Scriptures to gain an understanding of what I always thought was a "cosmic consciousness." When we were on a holiday one time, I stole a Gideons Bible from the motel room.  I reasoned that, with my superior scientific knowledge, I could read these ancient scriptures and I could figure out the cosmic consciousness and THEREBY I would have control of my life and the life of my family, and secure for all of them a good future.

Eventually, I was able to go the Bible Study, but I only went to satisfy my curiosity, NEVER to become an ignorant Christian.  Unexpectedly and uncharacteristically my husband and I started fighting about my going to Bible study.  I tried to explain that I just wanted to figure things out.  That's all!  His opposition was inexplicable.  He had a Bible and studied it in the Christian Science church -- why didn't he want me to read one?

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) is a non-denominational inductive study.  There is plenty of homework for every day.  One works through chapters at a time or one book of the Bible if it is quite short, plus other passages of Scripture that relate to it, and then writes answers .  These are discussed at weekly sessions.  For the first two weeks I enjoyed it just fine and was pleased to study.


In the third week, something most unplanned happened.  I read a question that was about God, went to the passage ..... and all of a sudden the words became ALIVE.  I gasped. "This God is alive! and He is speaking to me!" At that very moment it was "out of the darkness and into the light."  I was astonished.   The "scales" had fallen off my eyes and now I could see.againwillsin

And then, in about a minute I became angry at my former Roman Catholic Church.  THEY NEVER TOLD US! They never led us into a personal relationship with God.  They never taught us the Bible and we never read it.  Inexcusable!

Evolution a lie

I told my sweet neighbor, who was, of course, very pleased.  "But WHAT ABOUT THE ROCKS?" I knew the Bible was true, but how does it coincide with all the fossils?  And the vast layers of fossilized rock?  And the coal and oil? Didn't that take millions of years?  She gave me a book that explained it all. "The Flood - in the light of the Bible, Geology, and Archaeology" by Alfred M. Rehwinkel.  FOSSILS DO NOT FORM SLOWLY! They cannot.  The dead plants or animals that are fossilized would rot before they could be pressed and preserved.  They were formed by sudden compression and heat.  This is what a flood can do.  You can find information today from The Institute for Creation Research and also from the Answers in Genesis websites.

Growing as a Christian

I was in awe and wonder that the whole world around me was truthfully explained to me by our God.  The Bible was true.   Science did not negate the Bible, Scientists did.

It was like heaven to me to be in that Bible study and grow in the knowledge of the Lord every day.  The small group times were the best of my life -- the laughter and love were like nothing I had ever experienced in all my 33 years.  Here I was a Christian and I never even wanted to become one!  The Scripture that says, "Is this not a burning brand that I snatched out of the fire?" describes what happened to me.  I, myself, was spiritually dead in trespasses and sin.  DEAD.  Dead people can't do anything.  GOD PLUCKED ME OUT OF A SPIRITUAL GRAVE.  THAT, my friends, is GRACE.  Grace is His power.  It is as if I were drowned and floating face in the water at sea and someone lifted me out and resuscitated me.  I could do nothing to save myself.  This marvelous Grace of God then filled me with faith, which is how one RELATES to Him and with Him.  This beautiful faith was a complete GIFT, and not something that I could generate.   HE did it.  The realization of this fact is quite humbling, as it should be.  "Our God Is An Awesome God"

Through faith one grows in the knowledge of the Lord God: turns away from sin: turns toward God: seeks Him and OBEYS Him.

Back at the home front I tried to pretend that nothing had changed and always tucked my notebook and Bible out of the way.   My husband still objected strenuously.  He said that every Tuesday morning when I was in the study, he would sweat through his shirt.  But I could not stop going.   I assured him nothing would change.   Once I thought, "There must be roosters crowing." I felt like I was denying Christ just like Peter. But I was too scared, just as other new Christians may be.

My husband sank into depression, and ceased to speak to me.  He was gone from the home most of the time.  He did go with me to a meeting about joining the Lutheran church, so then kids had a good Sunday School.  In 1982 we moved to another city, and again addressed our problem.   I found a delightful church and he visited once and that was it.  He was so unhappy.  After some years, he moved out, but we did not tell the family.   He kept saying that he was trying to reconcile.

Then the Lord led me to a phenomenal church, where I thoroughly enjoyed serving in the various ministries.  Creation Science was one.  Missions was another.  After my first trip to Africa, my husband filed for divorce as he said we had grown too far apart.

The children suffered graciously through the years of separation.  Their father and I supported them all that we could which included having holidays together.  Today they are adults and working in great careers and their father has remarried.  I am still strong in the LORD.  It is liberating to simply belong to the Lord and yield to HIS control. I do not have to worry about what to do, He decides that for His handmaiden.  I look forward to being together with Jesus Christ forever, and with His beloved children, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Supremacy of the Bible

Many, people say they believe in God, just not the God of the Bible.  But they believe in a creator.  A question I would like to ask them is, "Has your creator ever spoken to you?  Or, did He visit people in the past and speak to them?  You see, if there is a God in the universe and He made us, but never speaks to us, that would not be very loving, would it?" Is the God of the Bible really God?  The Creator?  All the evidence points to: YES!  Things that have only been discovered about our planet in the 20th century, were written down as fact in Genesis thousands of years ago:

  • that there was just one ocean;
  • that the former world was destroyed;
  • that all the land was warm;
  • that the land was split up;
  • that there was a global climate change;
  • that there were dinosaurs,
  • and many other discoveries.

Besides being superior in the natural sciences, the Bible is superior in many other fields: social science, economy, agriculture, history, jurisprudence, medicine, epidemiology, psychology, AND psychiatry; just to name a few.

I am so glad that the Lord God saved me. He snatched me out of the Fire!  Life is so different now, no more reason to be nervous, anxious or tense.   No need to try to control everything.  Our God is in control.  I'll be praising Him for all eternity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  I pray that you will be too, and I pray that billions more lost souls will encounter this wonderful grace and faith, too.   May He bless you richly in spirit, Amen.

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Testimony reproduced with permission from the author.  Monash Christian Fellowship, Melbourne, Australia, 2011. This document may be freely reproduced and used for non-profit evangelism provided that it is unchanged and carries this credit. Scriptures are quoted from the New King James Translation of the Bible.