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What is sin?


In the Bible, the Greek word for SIN in the New Testament originates from archery.  It is a SIN when an arrow misses the mark.  Spiritually we can think of it this way; the target or mark is to live perfect holy lives.  This is what God commands of everyone.  But we all fail in many ways.  Each failure is like an arrow missing the mark, it is a SIN.


The Bible generally uses SIN and SINS with different meanings.

SINS  (plural)

When the Bible speaks about sins, it speaks of our crimes against God.  Sins are innumerable and include:-

  • missessaying something what is exactly true
  • not saying kind and encouraging words
  • not helping people
  • doing something that is not in the best interests of others
  • thinking impure thoughts
  • desiring something that properly belongs to another person
  • any wrong thinking
  • being unthankful to God

SIN  (singular)

When the Bible speaks about SIN, it often means the evil principle in our hearts.  Because Adam and Eve, our first parents rebelled against God and became sinners, we are all born with sin inside our hearts.  We are born with this fault inside.  Because of this sin inside, we grow up and commit sins.

It's a bit like buying a new computer, but it has a virus hidden in the installed software (the virus is like sin).  As soon as the computer is turned on, the virus starts producing wrong results, (sins).

The penalty of sin is death!  But there is hope.

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23  New Living Translation

  • Jesus died a terrible death on a cross to pay the penalty for sins.
  • Jesus rose from the dead and showed Himself to witnesses to prove that death has been beaten.  Here is the only solution to the problem of death.
  • Jesus, alive today and gives power to His followers so that they can live on earth without being a slave to the sin that is in their hearts.


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Produced by Monash Christian Fellowship, Melbourne, Australia.  Author Pastor Bill Wheaton 2010.  This document may be freely reproduced and used for non-profit evangelism provided that it is unchanged and carries this credit.